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We are building a blockchain ecosystem. A system that connects us with communities around the world.
We are looking for influential global partners like you to join our mission of spreading blockchain technology. In return, you will earn some reasonable bonuses for your effort. Want to join us? Please apply today.

Global Partner Privileges

Global partners promote our ecosystem and spread our beliefs to the world. Right now, you can enjoy:

  1. Some reasonable bonuses from 30%-80% based on transaction fees (see the "bonus schedule" below for more details);
  2. Our honor certificate. You will be public on our website if you have enough contribution;
  3. Be one of the first people to participate in our offline events and receive other privileges;
  4. Be one of the first people to try our new products, participate in feedback discussions and receive benefits;
  5. Participate in contests and campaigns such as contributing rankings, influence rankings to win big prizes.


You can always sign up for our global partner if you are:

  1. Our longtime supporter. You share our values and beliefs. And you keep at least 500 Magexbit;
  2. You have the ability to spread our beliefs and values?? Around the world;
  3. A business pathfinder with extensive experience in management and operations;
  4. A veteran of digital asset and blockchain industry with solid experience;
  5. Engage in a legitimate and ethical business and industry.


  1. Share and spread our story, mission, vision and values;
  2. Develop community. Expand our network;
  3. Invite friends to develop our forces. Maintain and look after our ecosystem;
  4. Listen to the feedback of our supporters. Help us improve our products;
  5. Encourage ethical and moral trading. Build a strong ecosystem.

Reward Schedule for Global Partners

  1. The user you invited must be a valid referral, have a trading volume in Magexbit greater than 10 USDT equivalent.
  2. Duration: For every valid referral, you can earn a transaction fee for 123 months from the date of registration.
  3. Invite friends to develop our forces. Maintain and look after our ecosystem;
  4. Calculations :
    The bonus will be instantly

What is the goal?

Within five years, cryptocurrency has developed from a strange application into a powerful element in the financial system of the world that no one can ignore right now.
Coming from blockchain technology, cryptocurrency is creating a future economy which can't be stopped.
Inspired by the idea of ?? Creating a new trading platform, our energizing young team aims to help people to benefit from a decentralized system.
There are no distance, boundary, racism or religionism in the cryptocurrency world.
People are united as a freedom community.
We believe this community will see that Magexbit Trading Platform is beneficial and easy to achieve their dreams, to reach their full potential in finance.

What is Magexbit?

Magexbit is a modern, secure, easy-to-use trading platform that accesses the cryptocurrency trading market with a very simple interface and low transaction costs.

What is the purpose of Magexbit?

Magexbit Exchange is a trading platform for selling and purchasing cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrecncies and for fiat money via many trading tools.
Bots trading and arbitrage are also available and allowed.
The users can trade on exchange rates fluctuations and make money - just like any regular exchanges.
But more than that, they are working with a new type of money - cryptocurrencies.

Who can use Magexbit?

We provide a simple interface for beginners and advanced features for experienced traders who are interested in detailed information about market.
Magexbit Exchange is for everyone on over the world.


We are looking for influential global partners like you to join our mission of spreading blockchain technology far and wide. We are building a blockchain ecosystem. A system that connects us to the communities across the world. And we need your help in promoting the expansion. In return, you will earn a fair amount of reward for your effort. Interested in joining us? Apply today.

    Please, provide the following details of your asset when you request listing:
  1. Link to an official git of your node or to the contract
  2. Link to an official website
  3. Link to properly functioning block explorer
  4. Name of the asset and trading symbol.

At MAGEXBIT Exchange, we look for coins that have high community demand, innovations to digital currency technology, or a contribution to science or humanity.
Given the demand for currency launches, we limit ourselves to only a handful a week
TOKEN DEVELOPERS (“Developers”): If accepted to issue tokens on MAGEXBIT Exchange, you will be given a special Developer account which may have access to Services not viewable to Purchasers and General Users.
MAGEXBIT Exchange reserves the right to limit Token Developers abilities to see certain pages on the Site.
Token purchase opportunities on MAGEXBIT Exchange are only intended for users who are sophisticated enough to protect their own interests and can tolerate the risk. While MAGEXBIT Exchange applies its own criteria in assessing applications by Issuers to list their offerings (“Offerings”) on our Site, user must conduct their own due diligence of an Issuer and its Offering and must verify all information on their own when making a purchase decision. MAGEXBIT Exchange does not, and cannot, guarantee that any Content on the Site is accurate or complete.
MAGEXBIT Exchange provides tools and services in connection with the offer and sale of digital tokens by third parties through our Site.
The only people who are authorized to create accounts on the Site are those who understand legal terms and risk and are willing to bear the consequences.
These Terms of Use and any terms expressly incorporated herein ("Terms") apply to your access to and use of MAGEXBIT Exchange (our "Services").


Please contact the Support Services team: if you have any questions about the current Terms, your rights and obligations arising from the Terms and/or Use of the Website and the platform, your account or any other matter.